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Astronomy Software to download


Page links active as of Aug 23 '03


Shows the positions of stars and planets. Cool. See screenshot. (323KB)



Not software.



This is a DOS program but is easy to use. It calculates all manner of things concerning the moon's position, moonrise-moonset times, phases etc. Quite a good program. Comes with a star catalogue to display the moon's position as well. (202KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated oct 13 '00


This program computes occultations by the moon of eight planets and 54 thousand stars. Two versions. I'm putting up the smaller one. See homepage for more info. (8MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Dec 18


A way to log all your observations of the Messier catalog. Comes with a photo of each and a place to record all your notes and vital information on your observations. (6.6MB)

HOMEPAGE added Aug 25


This program opens with a bar-chart representation of the days of the month from top to bottom, with a graphic of each day from day to night to day. As you pass the mouse around the screen, events like the passage of the moon, planets, etc. track along the day bar and up and down the month graph. Includes a planet finder window that also shows a moving graphic of the planets visible from where the mouse in positioned. See homepage for Pentium 4 bug issue. (6.4MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Dec 19 '02


Just set your location and this program will show positions (data not charts) and other observing data for the Sun, Moon and planets. (66KB)

HOMEPAGE updated Apr29 '01


Calculates many planetary events. Position of planet satellites and phases of planets. Rise and set times and much more. (724KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Aug 22 '03


Avis is a FITS viewer. FITS files are used in scientific applications like astronomy and medical imaging. (830KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Feb 11 '00


Displays a full year of solar visibility. Includes sunrise/sunset, equinoxes/solstices and dates of earliest/latest sunrises/sunsets.

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Jul 10 '00


Iris offers numerous and powerful functions of image processing in the field of the digital astronomical images. It is particularly optimized to exploit the images that come from CCD cameras. Iris can load and save images in the formats FITS, PIC (proprietary format), raw or BMP. (1.4MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Oct 29 '00


Planets' Orbits calculates the positions and orbits of planets and asteroids and shows it graphically. (5.6MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Nov 24 '00


This program presents a simple 3-color graph that tells, when a planet (or moon, sun) is visible from your location. (3.7MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Jul 25 '01


Planetary Apprentice is a reference tool that displays several properties for a selected planet. There are 18 properties divided into four categories - orbital, physical, axial, and atmospheric. The Apprentice shows all 18 properties for your selected planet in one scrollable window. (4.0MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Apr 1 '01


The Ultimate Messier Object Log (TUMOL) is a database that contains relevant information for all 110 Messier objects. It contains various layouts to assist amateur astronomers in documenting their search for deep sky objects. (3.1MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Apr 14 '02


The Simple Observing Log (TSOL) is intended as a place where you can keep track of all your star-gazing information. After recording your observations, you can view and print your observing records sorted by date or by object. There's space where you can sketch your observations on the page, or place scans of your sketches after you're done. An "astrophoto" section for each observation lets astrophotographers keep track of their exposures as well. When you want to use TSOL in the field, simply choose "Nightvision Mode" to switch to a vision-saving red display. (2.2MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added May 4 '01


Calculates the latitude/longitude and area of sunspots. The only inputs are the data/time, the sunspot x and y coordinates and sunspot size. (548KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Jun 7 '01


Celestia is a real-time visual simulation of space. Choose a point within the Local Group of galaxies and Celestia will show you an approximation of how it would appear to your eyes were you actually there. Celestia is unique in its ability to allow you to navigate at an immense range of scales. Orbit a couple kilometers above the surface of a tiny, irregular asteroid, then head off toward Jupiter, watching it grow from a bright point of light into a looming sphere filling your field of vision. Leave our solar system entirely and observe the sun as it fades from a brilliant disk to a bright star, disappearing almost entirely as you head off toward the Upsilon Andromeda system to orbit around its innermost giant planet. (11MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Dec 2 '02


AstroStack has some essential tools in order to load and combine a set of pictures (from an AVI video or a sequence of bitmaps) and make it into a detailed and noise free image. Take advantage of the short shutter speeds (1/25 or 1/30 of a second) of video and combine as many images as you can. (724KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Jul 16 '03


GraphDark allows you to work out when an astronomical object will be visible from your location and when moonlight, twilight or low haze will affect its visibility. An additional option displays the moon's phases as a lunar calendar. (2.3MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Aug 2 '01


Realtime Solar System Simulator, simulates the major planets and moons in 3D on your computer. (4.5MB)

DOWNLOAD added Mar 16 '02


Orbiter is a realistic space simulation using proper physics for the modelling of planetary motion, gravitational fields, free space and atmospheric flight etc. (19MB)

HOMEPAGE added Mar 18 '02


Displays the central meridian and angular size of the red planet for any date and time. (3.1MB)

DOWNLOAD added May 6 '02


Calculates, in binary stars, the relative position of one of the stars regarding the other one, for one or more dates, and shows a graph with the location of those stars; also it draws the apparent relative orbits. DOS program. (183KB)

HOMEPAGE added Jun 12 '02


This software, realized by Patrick Chevalley and Christian Legrand can visualize the Moon aspect for every date and hour. It permits also to study lunar formations with unique databse and pictures library compiled by Christian Legrand. It's conceived to be easily usable "in the field" according to an observing session needs, but also to study "at home" the Moon and its relief. There's alot to download, I've just linked the basic package. See author's homepage for more downloads. (3.5MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Jun 27 '02


Solar Eclipse Viewer is a 32-bit astronomical program for Windows to search for solar eclipses and display global circumstances (eclipse map). (974KB)

DOWNLOAD added Jun 30 '02


An easy to use database to keep all your astronomical observations together in one package. It contains over 10,000 of the best pre-selected objects along with a form to enter new selections. It keeps track of objects, which you have observed, along with objects that you still need to observe to fill a catalog. (20MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Jul 24 '02


Visual Ephemeris for Uranian Moons allows the user to view the Uranian moons from 4700BC to at least 6000AD. The program will generate a one time view or one may select a realtime ephemeris for any date, updating every ten seconds for up to twenty-four hours. (274KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Sept 2 '02


MoonLoc shows the location of the sun and moon in the sky for any date/time. Sun rise/set moon rise/set is found instantly. Shown: Right Ascension, Declination, Altitude, Azimuth, Angle between sun and moon (which is also the moon's phase). Just a very basic program. (122KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Mar 2 '03


Shows you current universal time, Julian date, GST and local sidereal time. (2.9MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added May 1 '03


Moonphase - displays the current moon phase of selected day. (1.5MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added May 23 '03


Flexible wireframe simulator for the Voyager and Giotto space missions, with animation capability. Developed at JPL for science/navigation, and filmed by the BBC/NOVA. This is a DOS program. (334KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added May 28 '03


Basic image processing or stacking program for use with CCDs, digital cameras or webcams. (2MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Jun 21 '03


Altair calculates Local Sidereal Time, Julian Date, Universal Time, RA/DEC to Alt/Az and Alt/Az to RA/DEC. (4.2MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Jul 26 '03


The Caldwell Observing Log (TCOL) is very similar to The Ultimate Messier Object Log, except it describes the 109 objects described by Sir Patrick Caldwell Moore in his Caldwell Catalog. (3.1MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Aug 23 '03


This free program help you to plan and log variable stars observations. This is not a data analysis software. (554KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Aug 31 '03

October 30th is out next meeting
Upcoming Events

Mark your October Calenders for Tuesday
October 30th- ( DACS) 1st meeting.
Held out doors in Bondurant, Iowa.
Bring your telescope or use one of our loaner scopes that night!
Serving hot cider, and seasonal treats.
Bring the family and friends for directions email.


Satellite Tracking programs


Page links active as of Aug 30 '03

Nova for Windows has become the most popular Windows-based satellite tracking program in the world.  In use by NASA, the U.S. Air Force, industry, and thousands of amateur radio operators, Nova sets the standard for excellence.

click for a larger image  click for a larger image
click on images for a larger view

Nova includes realistic maps that are shaded to show vegetation, topography, and ocean bathymetry.  Satellite positions are shown with accompanying ground tracks, orbital paths, and star background.

Click here to download the Nova for Windows Demo

Enter "XXX" for the serial number when requested during installation.

The Demo may be converted to a full version at a later date
by entering your serial number.


This is a DOS program. It is for calculating positions of artificial satellites. (166KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Jan 1 '03


Plots and calculates positions of satellites. Additional satellite data can be downloaded and added to the program. (475KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added July 17


This program predicts where Satellites are at the moment, and when they are due to pass over your part of the world. It will even predict when the 150 "Brightest" satellites pass over, so you can see them. It can currently track 500 satellites simultaneously, with Various Map Views with ground tracks and footprints, Horizon view, tabular list and more. (6MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Apr 18 '02


Visual satellite tracking program. (1.7MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Apr 19 '02


Orbitron will localize for you position of satellites at a given time. NORAD SGP4/SDP4 prediction models, 2000 satellites can be loaded from TLE file(s), all of them can be tracked at the same time, full screen mode. (1.7MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Jun 3 '03

Telescope Making Software
Page links active as of Aug 30 '03


Update your software. Pictorview XT. Did you know Meade had a public offering? Are they going to take over the telescope market?



Homepage and latest software for CCD owners.



The program contains a database of 100 scopes, 145 eyepiece values, The Messier catalog, and does calculations of all visual operating parameters of a scope and prime-focus photo exposure times. This is a DOS program but I found it easy to use. Pretty much point and click. (360KB)



An optical raytrace program. Can be used to design telescopes or other optical instruments. Limited to 10 surfaces. (6.3MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Apr 20 '02


A ray-tracing program for tilted component telescope design. Mirror designs only. Good program for ATM's. (71KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added July 8 '99


It will calculate field of view, pixel coverage, effective focal lengths, focal ratio, size of chip, approximate size of object on the chip etc. based on telescope setup, printout observing log etc. CCD cameras, telescopes and camera lens are easily selected from drop down lists which include most of the popular cameras and telescopes. (1.6MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Apr 12 '00


Newt is a newtonian telescope design program. It ray traces the telescope checking for vignetting, optimizes diagonal size, calculates baffle size and position and more. It allows you to easily and quickly change any of the design parameters of the telescope and to see the results. It says shareware but payment is not required. (218KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added May 27 '00


Ronchi for Windows is a simulation program for Amateur Telescope Makers (ATM's.) It simulates the appearance of a mirror while undergoing the Ronchi Test. (289KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Jun 12 '00


The Aberrator generates images that show the effects of several types of aberrations (distortions) that influence the quality of a telescopes performance. Images of this type are documented for instance in "Star testing Astronomical telescopes: a manual for optical evaluation and adjustment " by Harold Suiter. (256KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Nov 23 '00


Modern Optical Design and Analysis (MODAS) is a program for quickly evaluating performance of optical systems, such as telescopes built by amateur astronomers. Optical data can be imported from and exported to various file formats. Ray traces and other analyses are performed very quickly, and wavefront plots and similar results can be plotted, saved to file, or stored as image bitmaps. A tutorial is included. The freeware version is limited to just four optical surfaces. (3.5MB)

HOMEPAGE added Feb 10 '01


For each set of measures, it gives the shape of the mirror and the zones to be polished. All the measures are saved and can be seen at any time in a worksheet to find the good way to polish. It can also calculate the parameters of the Couder Screen using several criteria. (211KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Apr 8 '03

Page links active as of Aug 30 '03


A superb earth and sky simulator. (7.2MB)



An excellent planetarium program. Has the 110 object Messier catalog. A large star database can be downloaded from his homepage to add to it. Lots of nice features including star colors. Very nice. (753KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Jun 22 '03


An excellent planetarium program. Not a demo. Leaves out only the files that would make the download unbearable (large star database, pictures and movies). (4.5MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added July 28


A nice planetarium program. Shows the sun, moon, planets and stars to 9th magnitude. Also, some comets, asteroids and deep sky objects. (500KB + databases)

HOMEPAGE updated Dec 31 '02


Sky charts is primarily for printing out skycharts for observing rather than a strict planetarium program. There are many additional catalogs at the sky chart homepage for downloading and expanding it's functionality. After you download all the catalogs, this program produces incredible star charts. Printing them is fantastic and can be used at the telescope. Only real drawback, is that computers don't label charts as well as people (at least we're still better at something). This is probably the best program for the serious amateur, particularly if you download all the add-ons available for it (preferably with a broadband modem). You can even download the Hubble guide star catalog to produce 14th magnitude charts with this program. (3.5MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Dec 31 '02


Spica is astronomical software for those who wish to prepare their nightly observations and better understand what happens in the sky. (1.3MB)



Planetarium program that allows the creation of different types of sky maps in which practically any element is customizable. Calculation of the positions of Jupiter and Saturn satellites. Moon calendar and feature locator. A solar system orrery. An observing list manager. Maintain a database of celestial objects images, with direct download from Internet. An artificial satellite visibility predictor. The visibility graph, to check the optimum time for observing an object. More star catalogs to expand program are available for download. (3.2MB)

HOMEPAGE updated Mar 25 '02


Planetarium program. Not in English but can be figured out. (417KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Mar 23 '02


Stellarium renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time. With stellarium, you really see what you can see with your eyes, binoculars or a small telescope. This is a DOS program. (1.7MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Mar 24 '02


WinStars is a complete planetarium, showing you the appearance of the sky, as seen from anywhere on Earth, for any date. With a click of the mouse, it's possible to have various information about all objects displaying by the program. See website for a bunch of additional catalog downloads for the program. (3MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Mar 25 '02


StarFinder is a small planisphere program for the beginning stargazer. It displays a whole-sky map of the stars, planets, Moon, Sun, and some deep sky objects for any date/time and lattitude. Explore how the sky changes from hour-to-hour or month-to-month. (220KB)

HOMEPAGE added Jun 18 '02


SkyORB computes sun, moon and majors planets rise and set time and positions from any place in the world, renders local sky with up to 26000 stars (HYG Database Mag 8) in real time and constellation charts and stars names, nebulas, comets and asteroids with an user modifiable MPC database. Also a 3D rendering view of space with the majors planets is available. SkyORB Can detect solar / lunar eclipse, solstice and equinoxes days, renders sun clock, orbits view (in false scale) or real view (using real physics / orbital parameters for distance and planets dimensions). (5.5MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Sept 12 '02


SOLEX is a computer program modelling the N-body dynamics of the Solar System. Its hearth is a powerful numerical integrator, and the many additional functions make it a greatly flexible program, which at the same time is very simple to use and very powerful in its performances. It can just give aesthetic pleasure and help in identifying sky objects, or it can be used by an experienced researcher as a tool to investigate aspects of the solar system dynamics such impact probabilities and chaotic motion. This is a DOS program. (2.9MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD updated Jul 2 '03


It shows the positions of the sun, moon, stars and planets at any time of year as they appear at your home location or from anywhere else on earth. (1.4MB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Apr 9 '03


Night Vision is a "planetarium" program for Java and will display the heavens from any location on earth. Viewing options allow the user to control which sky objects to display, which font to use, and manipulation of various star parameters. (611KB)

HOMEPAGE | | DOWNLOAD added Jun 26 '03


Software For Download

  • 2Sky
    • Turns your palm, handheld into a animated star chart
    • Planetary information software
  • ATC Advancede Telescope Control
    • Telescope control and automated supernovae search
  • AVIS FITS Viewer
    • FITS image viewer
  • Aberrator
    • Star-testing software that can show all the common telescope defects (astigmatism, coma, pinch, tube-currents, etc.)
  • AstroExcel
    • Free astronomy Excel spreadsheet calculations and graphs
  • Astrometrica
    • Software for doing astrometry of Minor Planets
  • Astra Image
    • Image processing for astronomical images
  • Astronomical Algorithms
    • Free portable ANSI C implementation of some of the algorithms published in Astronomical Algorithms by Jean Meeus
  • Astronomy by Calculations 3
    • Zip file containing astronomy software
  • Astronomy Calculator
    • Provides sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset and lunar phase information for any location on Earth
  • AstroNotes
    • A tool for recording your observations and planning future observing sessions
  • AstroPlanner
    • Astronomical observation planning, logging and telescope control software
  • AstroSoftware
    • Programs involving Jupiter's moons, Messier objects, and an astronomical almanac
  • AstroStack
    • Free program that takes a series of video images and combines them into one
  • Astro
    • French astronomy program, especially for Dobson's owners
  • Astroart
    • Image processing for astronomical images
  • AutomaDome
    • Dome control software
  • Best Pair
    • Software for picking the two best stars for auto alignment with Meade & Celestron scopes
  • Bentec Services Limited
    • Free software for hyperaspherical optical design
  • C88
    • An informational tool for amateur astronomers
    • Image processing program specific to astronomical images that supports FITS, Bitmap and JPEG formats
  • CCDSoft
    • Combines both CCD camera control functions and astronomical image processing functions into a single package
  • CCD Astrometry
    • Software for doing astrometry of Minor Planets
    • SBIG CCD camera control software
  • CLEA
    • Windows Software Modern Laboratory Exercises in Astronomy
  • Cartes du ciel
    • Free sky atlas for windows that provides access to catalogs and photographs (Sky charts in english)
  • Celestia
    • A free real-time space simulation that lets you experience our universe in three dimensions
  • Celestial Maps
    • Sky atlas for windows and DOS
  • Charon
    • Minor planet astrometry software
  • CoolSky
    • Sky simulator for amateur astronomers that uses OpenGL technology
  • Coeli - Electric Planisphere
    • Astronomy suite
  • CyberSky
    • Colorful, easy-to-use planetarium program
  • dObjects
    • An astronomical database and observing log program
  • Dan's Astronomy Software
    • Jupiter, Saturn, and eclipsing binary star programs
  • Desktop Universe by Main-Sequence Software
    • The fusion of a full-color photographic star atlas with a desktop planetarium program
  • Deep Sky Database
    • Online resource for building customized observing lists
  • Deepsky
    • Observining and planning software for observers, telescope control, log book, control panels
  • Deep-Sky Planner
    • Observation Planning Software for Amateur Astronomers
  • Digital Universe
    • Advanced astronomical simulator
  • Dimension 4
    • Time synchronization utility
  • Digital Almanac
    • Planetarium program for the Amiga computer
  • EasySky
    • Star charting (planetarium software), 3D solar system, and animations
  • Eclipsing Binary Simulator
    • Visualise the orbit and synthetic light curve of binary star systems
  • EfeCalc
    • Calculates the position, rise times, and set times of the Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars; Solar and Lunar Eclipses (with maps generation)
  • Encyclopedia Galactica
    • Planetarium software, explore the moon features, 3D solar system
  • Esquire Nautical Almanac
    • Nautical almanac softare
  • Find Orb
    • Computes orbital elements from observations
  • Focus Corrector
    • ActiveX image processing software, sharpens images
  • GrandTour
    • Simulate space as seen from the Voyager and Giotto spacecraft
  • Guide
    • Star Charting software
  • Hallo Northern Sky
    • Planetarium program for Windows
  • HomePlanet
    • Astronomy, space, and satellite tracking package
  • Hypersky
    • Computerized star atlas linked to a set of reference works
  • IRAF
    • Data analysis
  • JupSat
    • Calculates and displays the positions of Jupiter's four main (Galilean) moons
  • Lunar Map Pro
    • Produces high resolution lunar maps for use at the telescope
  • Lunar Occultation Workbench
    • Computes predictions of occultations by the Moon of the planets and stars
  • Lunar Globe: the Virtual Museum of lunar vehicles
    • survey the lunar sphere, lunar formations and other objects without an astronomical telescope
  • LunarPhase
    • Graphically displays the current phase of the moon and much more
  • Lunar Co-longitude
    • Computes co-longitude for dates from 1989 to 2020
    • Modern Optical Design and Analysis Software
  • Mariner 6 & 7 Image Browser
    • Software for data from early NASA missions stored in now-obsolete format
  • Mariner 9 Image Browser
    • Software for Mariner 9 TV experiment allows image processing with noise filtering, despeckling, and reconstruction.ÿÿÿ
  • MaxIm DL
    • Image processing software
  • Mariner 10 Image Browser and Reconstructor
    • Software for Mariner 10 TV experiment allows image processing with noise filtering, despeckling, and reconstruction.ÿÿ
  • MegaStar
    • Sky Atlas for Windows
  • Meade Astronomical Software
    • Telescope control software
  • Mira
    • Image Processing Software
  • Minor Planet Observer
    • MPO Connection and Canopus
  • Moon Phase Icon
    • Shows the current moon phase in your system tray
  • Moovastar
    • Proper motion simulation, simulates star positions in the future and past
  • MyStars!
    • Shareware for stargazers
  • Newton's Aquarium
    • A solar system construction set
  • NexStar Freeware
    • Freeware allowing PC control of all models of NexStar telescopes
  • OpTiX
    • Comprehensive optical design software
  • Orbit Explorer
    • Physics educational software for high school and college students and teachers
  • PIXY system 2
    • Automated astronomical image examination system
    • Deepsky database written in javascript, allows sophisticated queries, contains sky atlas, finder charts and object-related links to NED, SIMBAD or WEBDA (in german!)
  • Perseus
    • A vector engine-based planetarium, with USNO2 support, real images 'melt' into the background, 3D graphics for solar system bodies
  • PinPoint
    • 100% automated astrometric image processing for FITS files from any camera
  • Planet's Visibility and Orbits
    • Free software along with data on planets, asteroids and stars
  • PlanetWatch
    • Multimedia guide to our solar system
  • Planetarium
    • Displays star charts and other astronomical data on Palmtops
  • Power Age Sky Simulator
    • Planetarium program, a graphic interpretation of the sky
  • Pocket Universe
    • Handheld guide to the night sky for the Pocket PC
  • RedShift
    • Planetarium program
  • Registax
    • Freeware tool for alignment, stacking and processing of BMP or AVI image sequences.
  • SEDS FTP Site
    • Collection of astronomical software
    • Space Shuttle and Satellite Tracking Software
    • Stellar structure software
  • Satellite Tracker
    • Satellite Tracking Software for many types of telescopes including the full line of Celestron, Meade, Astro-Physics, etc
  • Screen Saver
    • Earth, moon, and planet screen savers
  • SimSolar
    • Solar System Simulator with Moon Phase display & Galilean Moons of Jupiter Simulator
  • Simtel.Net Archive
    • Collection of PC software
  • SkyGlobe
    • Planetarium program
  • SkyMap
    • Planetarium software with telescope control features
  • SkyObserver
    • Planetarium program for windows
  • SkyORB VR
    • A real time visual space simulation with ephemeris
  • SkyTools
    • Planetarium program by Skyhound
  • SkyChart
    • Planetarium program
  • Solex
    • Ephemerides, orbits & planetarium based on numerical integration
  • Solar Kingdom
    • A 3D Solar System Simulator and Encyclopedia
  • Solar Scouts
    • Educational software for ages 12+
  • Space Weather Applications
    • Graphs of current space weather data, interactive map of the Sun
  • Star Atlas Pro
    • Deep Sky Star Charts and Telescope Control Software
  • Starry Night
    • Home of Starry Night and Deep Space Explorer
  • StarStrider
    • A software planetarium, a virtual space-ship, an three dimensional star chart, and more
  • StarTrak
    • Software and database to guide a Dobsonian telescope (or any telescope with altazimuth mount)
  • StarView
    • Planetarium program
  • Stellar Magic
    • Freeware astronomical image processing program
  • Stellaris
    • A shareware program for the amateur astronomer
  • Stellarium
    • Freeware that renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time
  • Sun and Moon Almanac
    • Graphical Sun and Moon Almanac
  • Swiss Ephemeris Info
    • High precision ephemeris
  • TPoint
    • Telescope pointing analysis software
  • TS-24
    • Crystal Lake Observatory astronomy learning and discovery program.
  • Teaching Observatory Software
    • Lots of Freeware by Don Carona involving the Jupiter system, the Sun, the Moon, etc.
  • TheSky
    • Planetarium and telescope control program
  • TheSky Pocket Edition
    • Graphical astronomy program that turns your personal computer into a personal planetarium
  • The Earth Centered Universe
    • A Planetarium and Telescope Control Program for Windows 3.1 or 95
  • The Free Virtual
    • Galaxy Project a free 3-D virtual space program based upon data obtained from NASA's ADC
  • Venera 15/16 Radar Mosaic Browser
    • Windows software allows browsing of the Venera 15 and 16 radar maps.
  • Visual Ephemeris for Uranian Moons
    • Generates an ephemeris for the five major moons of Uranus.
  • WinStars
    • Planetarium, showing you the appearance of the sky, as seen from anywhere on Earth, for any date
  • WorldMap 3D
    • Solar system rendering software
  • Xephem
    • Star-charting, sky-simulating, ephemeris-generating software
  • Yo Mama
    • Yale Observatory iMAge Manipulation Application

Macintosh Software

UNIX Software

  • Clear Sky Institute
    • Observatory control and astronomical analysis system
    • European Southern Observatory Munich Image Data Analysis System VMS, OpenVMS and UNIX systems, including LINUX
  • Gnome CCD
    • Control Starlight Express ccds with this. There is also a kernel driver.
  • IRAF
    • Image Reduction and Analysis Facility
  • KStars
    • Planetarium software for the KDE desktop environment
  • Linux for Astronomy
    • Includes over 3Gb of Astronomical software precompiled for the Linux (x86) operating system
  • Lunux Astronomy Programs
    • SAOImage, Xephem, IRAF, etc.
  • Nightfall Eclipsing Binary Star Program
    • Model for eclipsing binary stars, for Linux or any other Unix
  • Orbit Reconstruction, Simulation and Analysis (ORSA)
    • A framework for celestial mechanics investigations
  • QVarStar
    • QVarStar is a GCVS (General Catalogue of Variable Stars) catalog browser for Unix
  • Skymap
    • Planetarium program
  • XEarth
    • Unix program
  • Xephem
    • Star-charting, sky-simulating, ephemeris-generating software
  • Xplns
    • Displays, calculates, tracks the position of many celestial objects (stars, galaxies, nebulae, constellations, planets, comets, etc.)

Java, JavaScript, and Active Server Pages

Astronomy Code

Online Data Sources

Other Astronomy Software



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