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Click above to find out what was stolen!!!

(DAC) was formed in 2003)

To promote fellowship and the
Exchange of information among its members

Amateur astronomers DAC is the newest backyard astronomers

Club in the Des Moines area



are all informal, and usually

only last an hour, and then its out in

the field to do some star gazing!


(DAC) members

Meet Monthly for both general meetings and observing
Sessions, and regularly conduct and

Support public programs on astronomy.


We have subgroups within the club.

One is the Deep-Sky group, observes and studies
 faint objects that lie outside the solar system.

This group also sponsors
 awards for those observing all objects

On various observing lists.

Plagues are awarded to members



Why Join DAC?

1.Being a member of an astronomy club brings 

Lots of people together who all share a common interest.
2.New members get some experience with telescopes before they buy one. 
3.Observing in groups at remote sites is safer than observing alone.
4.Observing sessions make getting help much more easier.
5.If you can't find that faint fuzzy object, chances are there

Is someone nearby who can help you



Yearly Dues!
Membership is $25 a year (pro-rated quarterly for new members)
 and includes the club newsletter, and.
Club members also receive astronomy awards both patches,

And award plaques. (DAC) meetings are free and visitors are always welcome.

For more details, contact one of the officers or drop in on a meeting





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Free Counters



Mission is simple, we use pictures like this: knee braces for running we exist to bring the wonders
 of viewing the night sky to our club members, and guests. And, if they have knee pain or knee troubles, we can help with a good knee brace. We know what you need when your knee hurts. Try this link.
 We use our own equipment and are mostly
 hobbyists with a passion for the night sky!

We are interested in growing our club with new members.
If you are of any age ,
enjoy telescopes and want to share your enthusiam with others,
please consider getting involved.
We'd love to have you join us. It's Free!
All you need is your own scope or use one
of ours, and a few free nights.


A member its easy, and costs nothing. Our newsletter

Will go out each month to you in e-mail if you like!


If you would like our newsletter sent to your house, and be able to get

Qualified for awards, and patches, and pins for a jacket, or hat then just pay

 $25.00 per family or if youre an individual its still the same price.


Dac wants everyone who wants to join, to be able

 To afford membership dues. So if money is a problem.

No problem. We will waive off the fee the first year

To see if Dac is worth youre hard earned money!



Upcoming Events


Mark your October Calendars for Thursday

October 30th- (DACS) 1st meeting


Held out doors in Bondurant, Iowa.

Bring your telescope or use one of our loaner scopes that night!

Serving hot cider, and seasonal treats.


Bring the family and friends for directions email.

Joes Ham radio Page
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 into a browser to view that page!

To see our other hobbies
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Des Moines, Iowa